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10 Things to Pack For Your Next Cruise

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Most cruise lines work on a cashless basis and will issue a sea card/pass upon check-in.  Bring a lanyard to wear your card around your neck so you don’t risk misplacing it.

Power outlets in staterooms can be sparse.  If you have several items that need charging at one time, consider packing a small power strip or multi-device charger.

Check to see if your cruise line allows outside beverages to be brought on board.  If so, bring a case of water or the allowable amount of wine or spirits, if you didn’t purchase the beverage package.

Pack a water bottle for each person.  Generally, bottled water is not complementary on a cruise ship.  However, ice and water (sometimes flavored water) are available in the buffet restaurant.

Bring a highlighter.  The daily cruise bulletin can be vast – highlighting the items you are interested in makes it easier to plan your day.

Don’t forget sunscreen & bug spray.  Both of these items will be available for purchase on the ship, but you will pay a premium.  If you will be snorkeling or scuba diving, bring biodegradable sunscreen as it has less impact on the marine environment.

Pack a beach bag or better yet, carry one on with anything you might need for your first day on the ship.  Once you hand over your suitcase, you may not see it again until after dinner. Having a beach bag is nice not only on the ship to carry your towel, sunglasses and that book you’ve been trying to finish, but it’s also convenient to have for visiting ports of call and on excursions.

The pool deck can be windy.  Bring along some towel clips to keep your towel from blowing away. Plus, it lets people know someone is still using the chair when you go grab a bite to eat or make a trip to the bar.

Be prepared for seasickness.  Non-drowsy motion sickness pills, sea bands and homeopathic remedies can make all the difference.

Finally, don’t forget a small supply of basic medications (Tylenol or Advil, Benadryl, Tums and anti-diarrhea) and of course, any medications you take on a regular basis.

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