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SAVE MONEY on TRAVEL through us!

See our examples and do the Math!

Oftentimes people think they can save money by booking online or directly with a cruise line, but the numbers speak for themselves. Wanderlove Travel has saved clients hundreds of dollars on travel. See the examples below!

Money Saving Example 1: This client would have paid $1,479 per person for a flight from Charlotte to Rome if they had booked online, but by going through Wanderlove Travel, they paid $788.75 per person. For a family of 4, that's a savings of $2,761!


Money Saving Example 2: This client would have paid $3,197.16 for 2 guests on a 7-night Eastern Caribbean & Perfect Day Cruise if they had booked directly with the cruise line. They chose Wanderlove Travel and paid $2,469.20 for 2 guests, a savings of $727.96!


Stop looking and never booking. Let Wanderlove Travel save you time and money. 


Wanderlove Travel


Phone: 803-810-1445

Based in Fort Mill, SC

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