Wanderlove Travel provides custom experiences centered around what you love. Our expertise eliminates the guesswork, effort and time, so that you can focus on the journey. Whether you are celebrating a milestone, seeking relaxation or romance, wanting to experience local culture and cuisine, or searching for adventure, we do the planning so you can make the memories.

Owner, Wanderlove Travel

I began traveling internationally in my teens. I spent six months studying and traveling in Australia and New Zealand.  As an adult, I continued exploring the world and have been to 33 states, 23 countries on 4 continents.  My adventurous spirit had me bungy jumping off of the same bridge TWICE in Queenstown, New Zealand 26 years apart - the second time with my 17-year-old daughter.


Prior to becoming a travel consultant, I worked for 10 years in Corporate Financial Planning before deciding to stay at home with my two daughters.  During my time as a stay-at-home mom, I became passionate about volunteering.  As a Girl Scout leader for over 10 years, I firmly believe in “making the world a better place”  


Starting Wanderlove Travel was a combination of my love of travel, my business background and my desire to positively impact the world one traveler at a time.

Marketing Director, Wanderlove Travel

I’ve always been a travel lover and hoped to make it a permanent gig. While on my honeymoon in Hawaii, we almost didn’t come home. Our evenings were spent combing though the phone book (yes, I realize that dates me) looking for jobs.


As a good Art History major, I spent six months studying abroad 90s style in Europe.  Based in Belgium, I Eurail-ed to 9 counties dragging my friends to LOTS of museums. After college, I spent time working for Coastal Living in advertising before taking time off of paid work to raise my three children.  


Spring break and summer trips with our family have always been the best time to reconnect and take a break from the craziness of life.  We’ve taken some pretty amazing trips.  I’m a beach girl, but I also love a city and my family loves adventure.

Travel Consultant, Wanderlove Travel

I started my traveling journey when I was a kid, and my love for traveling has continued to grow ever since. Growing up I would visit my family in Florida at least 4 times a year and go on yearly family vacations. As an adult I have continued to travel the world, exploring parts of Europe, driving dune buggy’s in St. Lucia, and taking multiple cruises throughout different Islands of the Caribbean. From zip lining through the rainforest, to relaxing by the pool, my travel bug never sleeps.


After obtaining my Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree I began working for a digital marketing company as their web designer and SEO specialist. During that time, I found my passion for helping others plan amazing trips while helping numerous friends & family members plan their honeymoons & annual family vacations.  


Joining Wanderlove Travel allows me to help others have unbelievable experiences and memories with their friends and family. My goal is to plan the ultimate vacation that is tailored specifically to your interests.

To learn more about how Rachelle, Seton, or Megan can help you with upcoming travel plans, whether it's for Leisure Travel or Group Travelcontact Wanderlove Travel.



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